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craze. ♪ chris: our last contestant mitt romney. >> america america god shed his grace on thee ♪ chris: the unanimous vote here. >> i like colin powell. i just like that. here's a guy, younger than i am but we're getting up in years. chris: knew all the lyrics even if we didn't. >> every once in a while president obama likes to challenge his black soul side and you saw it coming out there. >> i'll go with simpson every time. >> this is a disturbing trend. this singing on the campaign trail. >> especially when you can't sing. chris: are we going to have a singing primary? when we come back more of our awards. the annual chutzpah prize is coming up. and the biggest mystery, plus the turning points of 2012. and who had the very best year this year? be right back. chris: welcome back. it's time for one of my favorite awards every year, the chutzpah prize. who had the biggest nerve this year? was it former general electric c.e.o. jack welch suggesting the white house somehow cooked the books when the unemployment rate suddenly dropped the month before the election? here he was on "hardball.
's -- that is a bad strategy for america. it's a bad strategy for your businesses, and it is not a game that i will play. chris: he wants a pretty good deal, a lot of things in it. when he sits down in that room with he and boehner, it's come down to the two of them, are both looking at the fact that obama won the election and he should get a tilt in his discretion, a 60-40 deal? >> i think boehner is a realist and when he said things like bahama care is the law of the land and backtracked a little, that's a signal. he's saying let's jump off the boat together, not the cliff, the boat. it's about legacy for both of them. chris: the president seems to insist on a rate hike for the top bracket, something close from 35 to 39.6. does he need something more in terms of taxing the rich, like getting rid of deductions for mortgage, charity, state, local? >> he's already got in his package which totals $1.6 trillion, an additional closing loopholes, capping deductions, so yes, he does need more. the president's in a very interesting position. he's got the high ground. he has narrowed the focus. he's g
of america. that's interesting, that's huge. you saw it starting to play out in the election and this is such a much more diverse country now and i'm wildly curious to see how that plays out. chris: it's amazing how people are not aware of it. >> no, no, so many people think it's the same united states but that's what's always made this country so cool, it's the reason i could always thought have not gone anywhere else in the world as an african immigrant and end up on this show next to you. chris: americans, true in sports and other things, put in the best player. >> demographers tell us most american citizens will be part of groups we now think of are the minorities but i think it's hillary clinton, things to come. she's going to run. i think this time she will organize the caucus states. had she organized the caucus states, she would have been the nominee of the democratic party. >> i know we are close to christmas so we want to think about the nice things but doom and gloom as helene said but global warming. nobody talked about it during the campaign. we have record level
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)

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